About Us

Opium Numismatics mission is to unite different World coin collections and offer them to Collectors!

Opium Numismatics specializes in Modern World coins, including British Colonial and British Commonwealth coins!

Currently Opium Numismatics offers more than 4500 World coins for collectors Worldwide!


Randy Weir

Randy Weir Numismatics Limited
Co-Author of the book
A catalog and price list.

I have known Opium Numismatics members for many years and have found them to be  serious students of Numismatics.

They have spent time and money travelling to European coin shows to find and learn about the coins they love so much.

Their collection of British Colonial coins is one of the finest ever put together.

They have also found time to be students of photography in their passion for coins and have used this passion to photograph coins with the finest equipment. To view these coins in all of their glory, is a work of art unto themselves.

They agree and acknowledge that the preservation and ultimate sharing of these coins is an important part of being a coin collector. So the dealers and American grading services have benefited from their expertise with their willingness to share their passion.

The amount of work and money spent to offer these coins to collectors around the World is not reflected in the pricing of these modern proofs, but you will see it in the quality of the coin they offer!